Because planners can be overrated, and not everyone has the budget to hire one! No one knows your dream wedding vision better than you, let me show you how to design your own big day...EASILY... the pro planner way.

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Start your planning off right. Get pro planner guidance on some of the most important pieces of wedding planning, plus so much more with this starter kit. Be in the know of EXACTLY what to do as you take those first key steps in planning your own gorgeous wedding. With these guides and checklists, you're sure to be on track to your magical wedding moments.

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The Wow Factor Wedding Planning Mini Course

Yes, you CAN create your very own gorgeous "Pinterest" wedding without a planner, AND on a budget! You don't even have to be ultra creative. All you need are the ins and outs of how to plan your own wow factor wedding the way a seasoned pro does...EASILY! Launching August 2021! Be the first in line and don't miss out on the BONUSES! ;)


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FREE GUIDE // 6 Secrets to Easily Planning Your DIY Dream Wedding

Who needs to hire a planner when you can steal all the planner secrets?! Here are six of my top go to secrets for EASILY creating weddings that WOW. DIY a wedding day that no one will forget.



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Hello fellow wedding lover. ;)

My name is Nicole, and I'm here to help make sure that you have an smooth and FUN wedding planning experience. 

As someone who knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed with wedding choices, and confused about where to start, I vow to help make sure you don't feel that way too.

With over a decade worth of design experience in NYC and LA, AND with planning countless weddings...I put together The Wow Factor Wedding Formula™ to teach DIY brides what to do to create stellar weddings for themselves.

You deserve the wedding you envision, and I can help you create it using my tried and true designer rules, tips, tricks and methods in my formula.

No design experience needed, just an excited bride to be with willing hands!


You can do this, I promise.

Two things I hear a lot from wanna-be DIY brides are:

  • "I'm not creative, so I don't think I could DIY my wedding, or do it without a planner".
  • "I get so overwhelmed with all the choices, I don't even know where to start, let alone plan the entire wedding".

Well in my planner experience, these things are not things to worry about. I can solve both for you. ;)

I've helped countless brides put together their special days by using my custom tailored method, The Wow Factor Wedding Formula™.

With this special method, any bride with a dream wedding vision can bring it to life.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 (with just a few more steps, but you get the concept. :) )

Make wedding planning a great experience.

Don't let yourself become the usual stressed, overwhelmed bride. You deserve more. Check out our guides and checklists to get started on the right track, and join me in the masterclass for the best planning experience possible.


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Your step by step guide to TRULY getting that dream wedding is almost here!

Completely plan YOUR OWN amazing wedding using pro planner tricks. Save money, save time, SAVE HEARTACHE. I'll show you how!