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Creating your wedding can be expensive...especially if you don't know what you need and what to do. Make it easy on yourself and your pocketbook! Get the do's and don'ts of planning.

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Hello gorgeous!


I see you. Excited, but already stressed about where to start, and what to do to create the wedding you envision.

Please, (insert handholding), let me help. :)

As a pro wedding planner for countless couples, and a designer featured in blogs and magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Martha's Stewart, and Vogue, I know how to create WOW factor moments...and this is why I KNOW you can do it too.

With my personally developed Designer Planning Formula™, I can show you exactly how to create a gorgeous wedding just like I do.

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What every pro planner, or designer knows, is that there are tried and true rules to making things look good, and tricks to planning logistics.

Get your hands on the "official rule book", and the step by step guide taught by the pro planner, Nicole Wolf.

Get excited for videos and easy to use downloadable worksheets for your personal planning.

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